Resources for Teachers

Art Lesson Plans and Resources
  • Brave Monster Arts & Crafts (Grades: PreK-2 )Make monster hand puppets, as well as optional discussion about being brave and dealing with fear. For use with Brave Little Monster by Ken Baker
  • Color Pages (Grades: preK-3) for use with Hip, Hip Hooray for Annie McRae! illustrated by Julie Olson
  • Dot-to-Dot (Grades: K-3) for use with Hip, Hip Hooray for Annie McRae! illustrated by Julie Olson

Creative Writing Lesson Plans and Resources
  • Creating Engaging Characters (Grades 2 to 12 and higher) Describes and provides examples of the characteristics of engaging characters. (3+ min video)
  • Importance of Plot Focus (Grades 2 to 12 and higher) Writing students sometimes struggle with conveying what their story is really about. This video helps them understand the importance of plot focus in short stories, while showing them what problems can occur if their writing fails to properly progress the plot (2+ min. video)
  • Narrative Writing; Reading Core Skills Lesson Plan (Grades: 1-6) for use with Old MacDonald had a Dragon by Ken Baker and Cow Can't Sleep by Ken Baker
  • Plots Made Simple: Basics of Plot Development (Grades 2 to 12 and higher) Step-by-step video instruction and examples of plot diagram elements, including plot introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution (3+ min. video)
  • Raising Plot Tension to Engage Readers (Grades 2 to 12 and higher) Explains and provides an example of how to use the try-fail-cycle technique to maintain and raise plot tension throughout a story in order to engage and keep the reader's interest (2+ min. video)

History Lesson Plans and Resources
 Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources

Literature Lesson Plans and Resources

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans and Resources

Science Lesson Plans and Resources

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources