Early Readers & Chapter Books

Guy Francis
  • Mason Dixon: Fourth-Grade Disasters
  • Mason Dixon: Pet Disasters
  • The Top Secret Toys (Vincent Shadow)
  • The Unusual Mind of Vincent Shadow
  • Washington's War (Blast to the Past)
  • Your Backyard Is Wild: Junior Explorer Series Book 1 (Jeff Corwin)

Jessica Day George
  • Tuesdays at the Castle
  • Wednesdays in the Tower 

Nathan Hale
  • The Jungle Book #3: Mowgli's Big Birthday
  • The Jungle Book #4: Mowgli Knows Best

Shannon Hale
  • Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends

Mike Knudson
  • Raymond and Graham Cool Campers (2010)
  • Raymond and Graham Halloween Scare (2009)
  • Raymond and Graham Bases Loaded (2009)
  • Raymond and Graham Dancing Dudes (October 2008)
  • Raymond and Graham Rule the School

Kim Williams Justesen
  • "Hey Ranger!" Kids Ask Questions About Grand Canyon National Park
  • "Hey Ranger!" Kids Ask Questions About Yellowstone National Park
  • "Hey Ranger!" Kids Ask Questions About Rocky Mountain National Park
  • My Brother the Dog
Jennifer Nielsen
  • Elliot and the Goblin War
  • Elliot and the Last Underworld War
  • Elliot and the Pixie Plot

Carol Lynch Williams
  • The Rescue Begins in Delaware (Just in Time)
  • Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time)
  • Anna's Gift (The Latter-Day Daughters Series)
  • Catherine's Remembrance (Latter-Day Daughters Series)
  • Esther's Celebration (The Latter-Day Daughters Series)
  • Marciea's Melody (Latter-Day Daughters Series)
  • Laurel's Flight (The Latter-Day Daughters Series)